Whether packaging a title for you from concept to print-ready file or urgently proofreading a board book, it's the variety I enjoy most.


With over two hundred titles to my name (look me up on Amazon), I have written mainly fiction for 0–8-year-olds and non-fiction for 0–12-year-olds. I will always bear in mind your aims, markets, co-edition potential and house style. I understand the sensitivities of working with licensed characters and the technicalities of unusual formats. I enjoy the challenges of a very tight brief but will also tackle intelligently a concept that is still evolving.



I offer a full packaging service, from concept to print-ready file or any stage in between. I am happy to work with your own designers, illustrators and authors or use my own contacts, with as many or as few approval stages as you wish. I package on commission only, so your projects are never in competition with mine. 


There are few genres of mass-market children's titles that I haven't tackled in my time – dictionaries, atlases, 320-page storybooks, encyclopaedias, board books, novelty books, etc. I've supplied indexes, intros, alternative text, character briefs and artwork briefs. I understand how to be tactful with celebrity authors and detail-driven licensors. I'm experienced in educational publishing, too, and can ensure that text is correct but still lively. I also offer Anglicizing and mid-Atlanticizing...

Proposing, pontificating...


Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes on a project, especially an out-of-house pair of eyes. If it would help for someone to look at the problems or possibilities of a title and run through some ideas, get in touch. I won't charge a fortune for 'consultation' but I might come up with some angles you haven't thought of or confirm your instincts about some that you have.